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DAY 5046

Jalsa, Mumbai 11/12 Dec. 2021 Sat / Sun 1:20 am

Tomorrow..the 12th day of the 12th month of the the birthday of Ef Nilesh Parmar ..
Love and prayers ..

a Sunday like never before .. a sudden change of setting .. the meeting at the gate ended in an unknown oblivion .. it has been away for a long time .. the protocol the procedure taken care of to perfection in those days, gone .. gone from the horizon .. and without even a whisper of discontent, or a certainty of his return ..

time and place play .. they play with us and with humanity .. they push us against the wall with no escape along the way and giggle with sincere happiness about what they have managed to achieve .. disturbing and breaking up this wonderful family .. this family born and raised in the care and concern of all .. this family that has remained diligently interested and united, without quarrels or harshness of tone and speech .. without the humiliation inflicted by so many close .. of the tenor of the language used, of the ‘conflictual attitude .. they behaved badly .. despite the learning of the early days when these essential elements were inculcated within us, throughout our life .. but NO .. no they did not join and they left .. can be blessed .. to live a life of freedom and independent existence .. to be drawn into the selfish existential world, until he has no more legs to fall on ..

then .. so .. here is the curator of this scenario, enters the field to stop the game before some end up either in hospital or drained, a situation of grave pity and anguish ..

never ever never .. Never before have we faced this and from this completely unexpected neighborhood .. not even the elderly have entered, only to be told to switch off .. without a given reason or argument ..

the word is detachment .. live yours, let me live mine, or I will live mine .. don’t interfere .. don’t go VIA, don’t collect 200 ..

Well .. nice to be able to be in that position or state .. because maintenance is never on you .. nor will it be for any other housekeeping ..

UNTIL .. the realization that it was what made this association possible ..

many times the debate has reached proportions of defeat and has dissolved .. and many times it has been overthrown .. because the elders had wanted it .. but even there the discourse bent and lent its dominion towards the exit .. 🤣 🤣🤣?

time time time ..

will prevail .. has always .. will have to again .. SHMG


Amitabh Bachchan

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