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DAY 5045

Jalsa, Mumbai 10/11 Dec 2021 Fri / Sat 12:12 am

every hour brings an inert expectation of the ways that can prevail, that meet in the dangers of doubt and uncertainty; and the only way adjective that prevents it is the act of labor, since in the autograph diary in the 17 years, Clive Road Allahabad, now PrayagRaj, the pen of a national poet Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’, a colleague and contemporary of Babuji signed :

“Success comes to those who dare and act”

today writing would be understood in the light of the profession I have carried out, but in the 1950s this was not even dreamed of, so how does it enter the realm of thought and desired execution ~ that are the mysteries of life and of the World.

I dared to strive in the act and the resulting act evolved in the country of the juxta system positioned by hemoglobin in the atmosphere, because there was never a sophisticated rhetorician, who seemed to be intoxicated by the exuberance of his own verbiageyyyyyyyyy ..!


heard?, if not, he has to make another feeble try on the spatial sound of the dropped earphones. yes indeed space sound, hidden inside the iPhone portals and its resulting air pods ~

move your head and the sound emanates from the position in which the mobile phone is held, the discovery at every hour of how technology will eventually dominate, in the fact of the times to come!


as will be seen in the making of the film as an industry, entertainer, philosopher and guide, or so we think!


no it’s not what many might think it is. it is an adaptation to the glasses that slide beyond the borders of the forehead and make the realization seem a bit absurd; because the in the battery of listeners is French Arabic, or only Arabic – FREEKLANE, Lalla Mira , moving the irresistible thud of rhythm in unison with high-powered Himalayan clothing.

birth deformity can be an embarrassment to seek an explanation for, as it is nature’s will to present you in whatever state or form He wishes, or desires, despite the atheist. and his knowledge after the passage of an entire life may be surprising to many, but to yourself?

it would be strange and difficult to respect. but there are many ways in the world and even in the later stages of its existence, it will and will always have the ability to stun the universe and move away, discreet, elusive, evasive and difficult to trace.

such are the unstoppable parades of time and place. they march in unison, to dare and to act in the hour of anguish.


Amitabh Bachchan

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