Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Alberta Ferretti is a romantic pragmatist: “It’s not an escape attitude to avoid problems and live in a fantasy world,” she told Zoom. “Romance for me is rather a filter that helps you to overcome the difficulties of today’s world. Thinking about beauty makes it easier for us to endure our difficult times ”.

True to her practical yet dreamy spirit, she approached pre-fall with “assertive kindness”, featuring individually designed everyday pieces. “I tried to give each of them a character, adding special details, a sort of identity that extends their life and makes them different and original”.

To that end, she developed the wardrobe staples in an imaginative way, minimizing her penchant for decoration while focusing on using elaborate textures. Working with his artisans, he pioneered new technologies for creating interesting surfaces, such as a range of compact sustainable wools, graphic mixes of motifs and fringe options, bright taffeta and precious mikado silks. The utilitarian touch of field jackets, bombers and trench coats has been given a feminine touch with flourishes of flounces, ribbons and bows. Playing on opposites, high-waisted leather pants worn with shortened sports jackets were paired with ruffled, short-cut, ruffled minidresses. A belted coat in black python printed leather was paired with flared soles in sheer black lace. For the evening, Ferretti indulged in dreamy dresses in layered chiffon, but a long fiery red gown with pouf sleeves whose skirt was delicately laser cut signaled the designer’s interpretation of new decorative effects.

For Ferretti, women are built with inner strength (no wonder here), so they don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to increase their natural resilience. Yet a dress can hold fond memories, incorporate feelings, or speak to their sense of poetry and sensuality, which makes the force no less persuasive. “This is definitely a special moment, full of challenges and twists,” he said. “The way we dress can give us the confidence to face it, conveying the many stories that every woman wants to tell”.


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