Adrienne Bailon says she’s lost $10K by gifting fashion freebies

Nothing in life is free, unless you are Adrienne Bailon’s family and friends.

The co-host of “The Real” says she can’t stop giving items from her XIXI jewelry line and La Voûte collection of home wear and bags to loved ones.

“I easily lost over $ 10,000 distributing my stuff,” Bailon, 38, told Page Six Style.

“People hit me like, ‘Ooh, girl, I love those earrings. I love that bag ‘and they automatically assume I’ll send them a free pair. I’m not going to lie: I’m a total failure. “

The New York native added, “My business partner will call me and say, ‘Girl, you can’t give everyone our jewelry. We’ll be broke!'”

Adrienne Bailon wears a flesh-colored blouse and jewels
Adrienne Bailon models the pieces of her jewelry line, XIXI.

But Bailon said he’s starting to crack down on friends who demand endless swag.

“When I give it to him, I say, ‘Have you posted or tagged me on Instagram? Are you getting me more clients? Are you telling people about your job where your earrings come from? ”She explained.

The former 3LW singer added that she wants her loved ones and closest to support her fashion lines on their own.

“You buy everything from Beyoncé and Ivy Park, but you have to support the people you know and love personally,” Bailon recalled telling them.

Adrienne Bailon wears a gray jumpsuit
Adrienne Bailon wears an athleisure look by La Voûte.

Perhaps a home décor brand is next for the star, who faces a complete makeover of her Los Angeles abode in Kin’s “All Things Adrienne Presents House to Home” – a true pinch me moment given her humble upbringing. in the Lower East Side of New York.

“I grew up in projects… in a two bedroom apartment. There were four of us: my mom, my dad, my sister [and me]”said Bailon.

“So my sister and I have always shared a bedroom. We had mousetraps in every corner, the sticky ones. I once stepped on one; tearing it off was worse than waxing ”.


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