Addison Rae’s Christmas 2021 Fashion Is So Trendy

Hi, I am now an influencer. Or at least I’m starting to dress like one now that I know what Addison Rae plans to wear for Christmas 2021. As one of the campaign headliners for American Eagle’s Holiday ’21 collection, the social media star reveals the favorite item she loves. gift to her loved ones, the Christmas-style trends she’s noticing this year and her ideal Christmas look for 2021, which basically consists of all your favorite pieces in the closet.

When it comes to gifts, for the New Year holidays or whatever, Rae believes that jeans will forever be the way to go. “I think denim is universal, all year round,” he says at the launch of AE’s Holiday ’21 collection earlier this month. “Always a great gift, so you can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans.” And if you’re worried about how to find out someone’s pants size without asking, the “Obsessed” singer has a sneaky way of figuring it out: “I think I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, your jeans are so cute.’ And then again. I keep them to myself, and then I look [at the size]. “

Thinking about the 2021 holiday trends, in particular, Rae is all about classic rock. “I think the band’s shirts are pretty big this year,” he says. “Even an oversized fit I think is always very nice.”

The layering is also “really big,” according to the He is all that actor. “Winter fashion has been a constant trend: warm, layered… Maybe this year I see a little more color. I think last year or the year before it was more neutral; now I’m noticing a lot more colors. “

The Item Beauty founder’s personal style choices for Christmas day very much echo the winter trends she talked about. When asked what items she would choose to wear for the holiday season, she called: a cream puffer jacket ($ 100, “for photos”, as it will most likely be in a warm climate. Location; a pair of solid black jeans ($ 40, because, in his own words, “you could never go wrong with” a pair of black jeans; Dr. Martens ($ 150,; a black layered waffle shirt ($ 15,; and a t-shirt from the band ($ 35, to top it all off. So basically anything I’d like to wear this Christmas, and probably any items you already have in your closet too.

If you want to dress like Addison Rae this season, here are all the trendy items from her Holiday ’21 launch day look to buy:

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