Adam Sandler Is This Year’s Fashion Icon—And I Love It

Inspired, he approached the label’s creative director, Bryan Seversky, to create Sandler Shorts, white and blue basketball shorts that are meant to be worn a few sizes up and as both sportswear and home wear of all. days, as Sandler meant. “Wear shorts around the house, in court or on your nephew’s bris,” says Seversky, adding, “He dresses for comfort and doesn’t apologize. And there is something refreshing and genuine about this attitude. “

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

It is not just the brands of the center that have announced Sandler’s great slimness. Ironic or not, TikTokers promoted Sandlercore and wore everything XXL. In one case, user @meganoakley_ starts a video with a selfie saying “you wouldn’t go out dressed like this” and then switches to a clip of a group of women dressed in shorts and oversized t-shirts à la Sandler. Tinx, TikTok’s flavor creator, notes that, in addition to dressing like a “rich mom”, she swears by Sandler’s style. In a Rowing July 2021 article, notes: “Adam Sandler is a person I think about a lot when I get dressed. How big can my shirt be; how long are my shorts? This is also widely accepted in California. “

In a sector that is often very complex, strategic and well-finished, there is certainly a bit of beauty in Sandler’s casual approach to clothing. All those oversized pieces seem to say “life is life” and “clothes are clothes”. It’s all true, so why not wear what you want? While Sandler’s laid-back vibe makes him an offbeat fashion icon, he’s fit for these times. After all, her clothing philosophy is comfortable, and most importantly, it’s comforting.

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