Aaron Rodgers, ‘immunized’ from absolutely nothing, is our No. 2 IDIOT OF THE YEAR

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2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was really good as Danger! guest guest this year, and even though he didn’t get the job, the Packers quarterback still looked like he might have a future on television once he was done playing.

Unfortunately, John Cena has already beaten Rodgers in the new version of by Jeff Foxworthy old game show, Are you smarter than a fifth grade?

After endangering all of his teammates, it turns out that Rodgers is no smarter than a fifth-grader. Or a third grade. Or a first grade. Even small children know this that when it comes to getting vaccinated against the new coronavirus, if you have any questions, the person to ask is a doctor and not Joe Rogan.

There is nothing idiotic about being infected with COVID-19. You can get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and still contract the virus. Not taking these precautions, however, is idiotic, both due to the increased risk of contracting the insect and the greater chance of serious outcomes for the unvaccinated.

Fortunately, Rodgers was able to avoid a serious illness and only lost one game after his own “alternative treatment” plan it did not stop him from contracting SARS-CoV-2. Unfortunately, he has learned nothing from his experience, and not only has he continued to advertise horse deworming drugs as a way to treat COVID (it isn’t), but he complained that “the media is trying to shame and erase us unvaccinated people “.

He is partially right about this. The media have tried to put the unvaccinated to shame by pointing out that it is a selfish decision that exposes everyone around you to a greater risk of contracting a deadly virus. And the media have tried to wipe out the unvaccinated by getting them vaccinated and protecting themselves and everyone around them from the deadly virus.

This is all very silly, but what really makes Rodgers the covidiocy poster boy is that he’s a big liar. Because he thought he was getting away with it, Rodgers answered a question about his vaccination status in August by saying he was “immunized.” it was a lie. So, all that time, for three months until he tested positive and his seat exploded, Rodgers ran and broke the rules of NFL protocol, not just risking his own health, but everyone he got into. contact.

Rodgers’ claims of an allergy to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may have been real. His skepticism of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may have been at least somewhat valid, as the other shots proved more effective. None of this should have stopped him from telling the truth instead of trying to play the footsie by saying he was “immunized”, which he absolutely was not.

Do you know how much of an idiot you have to be to be Tom Brady? the voice of reason what to put in your body? The number 2 of Deadspin IDIOT OF THE YEAR level, that’s how big it is. And that’s what Rodgers is.


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