Aaron Rodgers has a long-lost twin and Bill Burr plays for the Texans

Well, this is a disturbing development.

Well, this is a disturbing development.
Screenshot: NBC / CBS

Bill Burr would be in the moonlight as a bettor in the NFL. It’s the perfect job for him to get some money back, as I’m sure the pandemic has put a strain on his touring income. I can hear the joke about it now:

“What better way to deceive yourself by becoming a professional athlete than by boating? Everyone else needs to eat right, train, have real responsibilities that require a precise set of skills and, in football, risk a potential lifelong brain injury. The punter can eat a triple bacon pizza burger, accompany it with a beer 10 minutes before kick-off while everyone else begs to have all limbs attached in three hours. How come? Because all you have to do is kick a ball as hard as you can in a general direction. And then, and then, if, sometimes, they ask you, ‘Hey, you can kick him a little less hard this time so our guys, unlike you, bacon breath, can snap as hard as they can to keep him from rolling. in the final area? ‘ And if you fail, the reaction is: ‘Heh. next time you will be luckier. ‘

“How do I know? Because I’ve been doing it all year. You’re probably wondering how Bill Burr played in the NFL for a year and you didn’t know. It’s because I wear a helmet and play for the team. Texas that’s not the Cowboys. What about the shirt? It’s a fake name! Who cares my name? They don’t need my medical records. They saw I could throw a 40 ball left and right and said, ‘Welcome among the Texans, Cameron Johnston ‘”.

That photo is actually Houston Texans bettor Cameron Johnston, but a quick glance would have you checking Burr’s tour dates to see if he’s in Houston to play a joke.

Johnston would be the runaway favorite for the doppelganger of the day, were it not for an Aaron Rodgers lookalike at Lambeau Field on Sunday night. The broadcast team spotted it in the crowd and begs the question: Does Rodgers have a twin we’re not aware of?

It is more than the beard, the hair and the eyes. That person in the crowd perfectly nailed Rodgers’ smug and smug expression. I see this person telling me how they have a holistic healer who can protect me from carcinogens more effectively than a traditional doctor and how eating certain animal penises will improve my memory and energy level. He could absolutely make $ 100,000 or more in an autographed photo fraud scheme before he goes to jail.

So who did better? The winner, by split decision, is Rodgers’ doppelganger, but only because there is a video and not just a still image. At first I thought it was just the angle, the light and the bald head that made Johnston look like Burr, but no, even in his team photo, still looks a lot like the comedian.

However, true doppelgangers have to do more than just physically look like a different person, they have to embody that person’s essence. From the moment the NBC camera caught him to the moment he saw the camera and pointed back, the fake Rodgers was on. He knew what he was doing and he succeeded.

Hopefully, for her sake and for the sake of everyone in the crowd, her primary care provider won’t be too. Dr. Joe Rogan.


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