A New Sci-Fi Film Explores Fashion Alter Egos

Virtual reality is all the rage right now and fashion doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to getting into the game. But Celia Arias and Pedro Aguilar, stylist and photographer / director respectively, went a little further.

The duo, who have worked together on several jobs across London over the past decade, have always had their hearts turned to creative visual arts and language. “For a while we talked about creating a playful multimedia project, to bring Pedro’s high-end digital techniques and my styling ideas together with an exciting team,” says Arias PAPER.

For their new film project, which includes songs by Miu Miu, MM6, Richard Quinn, Fiorucci and others, the two drew inspiration from futuristic science fiction references and current VR games. The end result is a digital universe where the character can choose their fashion alter ego for a head-to-toe makeover.

“This is how we imagined the not-so-distant young people of the future navigating their image and their wardrobes,” says Arias. Watch the full movie, below.

Director: Pedro Aguilar

Video editing: Aguilar Studio

Photography and video assistant: Vincent Laurent

Motion graphics: Paula Palazón

Music: Nick Vaughan

Fashion Direction: Celia Arias

Fashion assistant: Mao Miyakoshi

Hair Stylist: Masayoshi Fujita

Make-up artist: Agus Suga

Casting director: Ellie Vojvodina

Model: Katie Jackson @The Hive Models

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