A Lunatic View of Justice – Bill’s Message of the Day

It should be abundantly clear to all that liberal mayors and prosecutors have made cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco unsafe and, in some areas, even dangerous.

The problem is crime and no punishment. The result is death and suffering, especially in minority districts where most crimes occur.

The irony is that the reason the progressive left doesn’t abide by the law is because they think it’s racist. Therefore, criminals, predators, are victims to appease, not criminals to be held responsible. And who gets hurt the most? Poor black citizens, that’s who.

This insane view of “justice” took root in America with the help of corrupt media and insane left-wing financiers like George Soros.

I’ve been talking about that boy for years. He has invested tens of millions of dollars in local district attorney contests, always supporting the most radical leftist candidate.

In my opinion, Soros has blood on his hands.

The only way to stop the madness is for the voters to throw out the bums. And this is starting to happen. A left-wing district attorney candidate on Long Island was soundly defeated last November.

Little consolidation to those in cemeteries due to no-bail laws and other irresponsible nonsense.

All Americans should be angry at the progressive philosophy: if you can’t make time, go ahead and commit the crime.

We will not pursue!

Quite. These people have to go!

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