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  • A 28-year-old Canadian woman is earning a “six-figure salary” by selling digital clothing on the metaverse, the BBC reported Thursday.
  • Monica Louise, who designs and sells avatar clothing, makes money on Zepeto, the largest Asian metaverse platform.
  • More than 1.6 billion virtual fashion items have been sold on Zepeto, the BBC said.
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While luxury fashion names like Gucci and Ralph Lauren are entering the metaverse, the next iteration of the internet is opening its doors to even smaller creators – a case in point, a 28-year-old digital clothing designer is earning the most on largest metaverse platform in Asia, according to a BBC report.

South Korea-based Zepeto has nearly a quarter of a billion users and its app allows people to create avatars or digital representations of themselves. But avatars need clothes, and over 1.6 billion virtual fashion items have been sold on Zepeto, according to the BBC.

Among the platform’s best-known users in the fashion world is Monica Louise, a Canadian woman known as Monica Quin, who designs and sells digital clothing.

The BBC report released Thursday highlighted Louise in a larger story on the metaverse, saying she earns “an impressive six-figure salary” through her avatar of Zepeto.

Louise’s dresses, tops, and other items are sold using Zepeto’s currency, called zem, and are priced from one to five zem each. Zepeto users buy zem for real money and creators receive $ 106 for every sale worth 5,000 zem.

“There are clothes I can’t afford to wear in real life, but in the digital world I can buy them all,” Louise told the BBC. “I think it’s a huge factor that I’m really involved in that.”

Zepeto started three years ago and last month earned a $ 1 billion valuation in a funding round led by Japanese conglomerate Softbank. HYBE, the company that runs the K-pop sensation BTS, was among the investors and paid in about $ 41 million.

About 70% of its users are women, including teenagers. Chief Strategy Officer Rudy Lee told the BBC that Zepeto is the first social network for many of its users.

Zepeto also has other partnerships that feature digital representations of clothing by Ralph Lauren and Gucci. And fashion has been at the heart of other parts of the metaverse. Virtual land in the Decentraland Fashion District was recently sold for $ 2.4 million.

“We think buying the Fashion District is like buying on Fifth Avenue in 1800 … or creating Rodeo Drive,” Lorne Sugarman, CEO of Metaverse Group, told Insider of her company’s deal announced at November.

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