90 Day Fiance’s David Toborowsky Flaunts Weight Loss: See Photos

There is much less than David Toborowsky for his wife and Annie Toborowsky (née Suwan) to love … and they are both celebrating! The 90 days boyfriend the couple shared in a new video how David lost so much weight that he is now able to get into his pants that he couldn’t zip in years and is thanking Annie for her incredible support.

In an Instagram video on Thursday, December 23, David, 53, emerged from the couple’s bedroom closet wearing a white T-shirt tucked into a pair of black pants. “I know they’re a little tight because I haven’t worn them in three and a half years,” he started telling Annie, 25.

Courtesy of Annie Suwan Toborowsky / Instagram

David then said he was arguing while wearing a pair of jeans he had rolled up in his hands. “I was trying to decide, will they be a little too close to me? Then I realized… ”he continued, unrolling the pants at his waist to show how huge they were compared to his new slimmer frame.

Boyfriend David Toborowsky's 90 Days of Weight Loss
Courtesy of Annie Suwan Toborowsky / Instagram

“They were too close to you,” Annie exclaimed excitedly, adding, “Let’s show off her butt and jeans butt!” David turned and showed how he looked from behind in the black pants he was wearing, as he held the jeans next to him. He’s clearly dropped more pants sizes since the last time denim fit him. David even raised the jeans to waist height and was able to pull them all the way up to his back, showing how slimmed his midsection is.

“Keep it up, you get it,” Annie cheered, while David said, “I still have a long way to go,” but saying to his beloved wife, “You’ve been the best encouragement in the world.”

The pair have come a long way since they first debuted in season 5 of TLC’s flagship series 90 days boyfriend. The couple first met when David was working overseas in Annie’s native Thailand. Their first few days of marriage saw the couple endure work and financial struggles. But David and Annie just celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary in November 2021 and started their passion project called Cooking With DNA together.

“When we started this journey, we never expected any of this to happen,” said the couple. In contact exclusively in an October 2021 interview about their unconventional love story, adding, “We are so honored by all the fans who have supported us on this crazy journey and want to see our lives.”

“We think of ourselves as ordinary people who are simply on TV,” shared the couple, adding, “We couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing opportunity!”

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