90 Day Fiance’s Aryanna Sierra, Sherlon Mcinnis Son Odin’s Photos

Aryanna Sierra And Sherlon Mcinnis documented their unconventional romance on the 90 days boyfriend spin off Love in paradise: the Caribbean, revealing that they met in her native Jamaica while she was on vacation.

He worked at a swingers resort and also worked as a boat tour guide, and that’s how they first met during his stay. After getting along and returning from her visit a second time, Aryanna, 25, found out she was pregnant.

Aryanna, an Illinois resident, later brought her family back to Jamaica so they could meet Sherlon, 35, and learn more about the man she was expecting a baby with.

At some point after their arrival, Aryanna’s mother Karen had a frank chat with Sherlon about her future intentions and plans, during which she informed Karen that he and Aryanna would ultimately decide what was best for them as couple.

At the time, he also confessed that witnessing the birth of their baby in America would likely not have been due to a lack of a visa amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Aryanna talks about the K-1 visa like it’s not a big deal, like I’m going to marry her, and like, at this point, I’m not ready for marriage,” he said in a confessional.

After welcoming their baby to the United States, Aryanna took to Instagram with photos of their little one in the hospital, opening up more about Odin’s premature birth and the difficult weeks that followed.

“In honor of the Final #LoveInParadise AND #nicuawarenessmonth … This baby is the BLESSING I didn’t know I needed,” the proud mom wrote on September 5th. “Two pounds and 12 ounces was his lowest weight ever. I saw him fight for 57 days in a hospital two hours away from my home and family. I was with him almost every waking moment as he faced a deadly stomach infection, required 4 blood transfusions and needed surgery at only 6 pounds. I could NEVER regret bringing this AMAZING baby into this world. He’s really so happy all the time like he’s just happy to being here. He’s so smart, strong and literally ALWAYS smiling. He’s brought an inexplicable amount of joy into our lives. Odin Jared is a gift from God and he’s here for a reason. Best “accident” ever. “

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Aryanna and Sherlon’s son.

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