80s Fashion: Brooke Shields’ style in iconic outfits

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Brooke Shields is an American treasure. Starting her career at 11 months as a model for soap Ivory, the actress-model hit the pages of Rowing and Hollywood screens, courting more than its share of critical acclaim and controversy along the way. At 12 she starred in Louis Malle’s shocking movie Cute baby. At 14 she was dancing at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol. And at 15 he was the face of Calvin Klein Jeans and the infamous “Do you want to know what’s between me and my Calvins? Nothing”, which launched the designer towards the mega-star. Besides CK, Brooke’s poise and intelligent demeanor have endeared her to the fashion industry at large. She is a muse of Richard Avedon, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino. she is covered Rowing – American and abroad – mashed potato many times to to count. Outside the pages of fashion glosses, Brooke’s style was all American, collegiate in buttons and blazer, jeans and moccasins. A Studio 54 alum, however, her party looks are where it shines. From ’80s organza dresses and diamond headdresses, to disco-era looks and marabou coats, we retrace some of Brooke Shields’ most iconic outfits of all time.

Photo by Bettman / Getty Images

At Studio 54, 1979

Brooke began her career as a model, shooting her first campaign – for Ivory soap – before she turned one. At 14 he danced at Studio 54 and by name with the authors of the time from Warhol and Haring to Saint Laurent and Valentino. Here, Brooke cuts the proverbial carpet at the New York nightclub wearing an All-American top and sweater combination with a pair of her mother’s pumps.

For Calvin Klein Jeans, 1980

In 1980, photographer Richard Avedon approached Brooke to star in a campaign for then-emerging American fashion designer Calvin Klein. Designed to advertise Klein’s new ultra-tight jeans, the now infamous advertisements featured Brooke posing in a variety of twisted poses while uttering lines, including a particular double entender that would forever change the course of both Klein and Brooke’s careers. The overtly sexual nature of the campaign shocked the American public; the ads were banned from broadcasting by both ABC and CBS in New York, and Brooke was sent on a nationwide press tour to do damage control. Decades later, however, Brooke admits the controversy has failed. “[Calvin Klein] understood what sells and how to push the envelope. There is a fascination that is so undeniable, and they drew on just that ” she said Rowing earlier this year. Before Kate di Sorrenti and Mark Wahlberg in CK boxers, there was Brooke, wearing that iconic pair of tube jeans.

brooke shields wears an organza gown and diamond headdress for h.  stern in 1981

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At an event for jeweler H. Stern, 1981

After making his Hollywood breakthrough with Louis Malle’s Cute baby, Brooke became the testimonial – nicknamed “The Million Dollar Baby” – for star jeweler H. Stern. Here, attending a jeweler event, Brooke wears a dazzling party look: a ruffled organza dress with a diamond updo.

Brooke shields wears a sparkly 80s pleated dress to a 1981 fundraiser

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At a fundraiser, 1981

Another ambitious party look, this time at the opposite end of the glamor spectrum. In place of the ’80s flounces, Brooke wears a sparkling wrap dress reminiscent of the’ 70s and Halston’s disco minimalism.

Brooke shields poses on the red carpet in a white blazer over a tie in 1983

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At the premiere of Staying Alive, 1983

elegant! At the premiere of Stay alive, Brooke has given up on disco-glare for more casual glamor. At the same time very modern and thoroughly modern, this quirky combination of leotard and tailoring wouldn’t look out of place, for example, on a Maryam Nassir Zadeh runway.

Brooke shields gets out of her car in New York in a pink coat and sequin dress 1983

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At a vernissage at the ICP in New York, 1983

Brooke has been a patron of the New York arts community since her teens. During her days in Studio 54, the actress and model was a friend and muse of artists and photographers. Second The New York Times, the Warhol and Harings that adorn Brooke’s Greenwich residence are gifts from the artists themselves. One of her Harings is engraved, “For Brooke … one of the sweetest people (honestly) I’ve met, with so much love and respect”. “) A Warhol is hanging, casually, in her laundry. Here, during a vernissage. at the International Center of Photography in New York, the actress wears a dress worthy of a Warhol muse: a fluffy pink jacket and beaded dress that would feel right at home next to Candy Darling at The Factory.

brooke shields posing in an 80s spandex crop top at a 1989 film premiere

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At the Death Becomes Her premiere, 1989

This is Brooke who channels the best of the best of the 80s: Jazzercise-chic (with the crop top and Spandex) and Sade (with the hoop earrings and red lip). The actress wore this look at the premiere of Meryl Streep-and-Golden Hawn’s comedy Death becomes her. “I was a huge fan of Meryl Streep. [I wore this] on the off chance that I was about to meet her ” she said Rowing with a laugh. “I thought she would like this dress.”

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