8 Gifts to Give The Fashion Innovator In Your Life

There are no other gifts like these.

There are no other gifts like these.

It is the season to be trendy.

For the fashion innovator in your life, the It-Girl at the top of every trend even before it is it becomes A trend, getting the right gift can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. From small businesses to big fashion houses, 2021 has been the year of producing creative, fun and whimsical pieces that can be stylized and versatile, the perfect additions to any fashionista’s wardrobe, adding a touch of something extra.

If you don’t know what to give the fashion innovator in your life, read on for 8 hot gift ideas for those in step with fashion.

1. Cake-shaped baby ring with lime and doll-shaped key

Image via Doll Chunk

Whichever ring your trendiest friend has, nothing compares to this. Started by fashion maximist Kristen Bateman, New York-based Doll Chunk Rings capture all the playful and whimsical elements of fashion in bold colors and, true to the name, chunky designs. This is a statement that ring fashion lovers are dying for style.

Buy Doll Chunk’s Key Lime Pie Baby Ring for $ 95 here.

2. AREA crystal toupee

Image via AREA

AREA is all about innovation and crystals. In 2022, hairpieces triumph over hairstyles and this shiny brass and crystal accessory is a key element for the most fashionable wardrobes.

Purchase the crystal hairpiece for $ 450 here.

Experience the balaclava of the heart

Image through experience

If this was the year of the balaclava, next year is about taking the balaclava to the next level. Based in New York, Uppleva specializes in handmade crochet pieces, which give a modern and trendy touch to the classic winter headdress, such as creating a chic little heart with a cut-out face, lined in red. Fashion innovators will love this piece that adds a unique touch to a cool season piece.

Purchase the Heart Balaclava for $ 75 here.

4. Bottega Veneta leather corset belt

Image via Farfetch

When Bottega unveiled its brand new version of a belt this year, it made headlines and luckily it is still one of the most exclusive pieces of 2021, a timeless accessory waiting to be worn in 2022. With tone-on-tone stitching, this iconic parakeet – green leather belt is versatile and unique; combine it with a t-shirt, a blazer, a dress: the possibilities are endless.

Purchase the leather corset belt for $ 4,043 here.

5. Excuse Cloud Case in Advance

Image via Sorry in advance

Evan Mock’s Sorry In Advance brand is the most coveted new streetwear outlet and they have just launched a line of unique and luxurious phone cases. With a padded stand and fingertip grooves (plus the iconic “rr” logo), Sorry In Advance turns your phone into an accessory, so you don’t have to feel bad about having it glued to your hand; it’s part of the adaptation.

Purchase the Sorry Cloud case for $ 48 here.

6. Miu Miu quilted nylon trousers

Image via Miu Miu

Imagine snowboard pants, but make them luxurious. A romantic touch is given to an iconic silhouette by Miu Miu, with blends of technical nylon, quilted details and a romantic finish. With wide legs and an elasticated hem, these pants are both comfort and couture at the same time, just what every innovator needs, right?

Shop the quilted nylon pants here for $ 1,680.

7. Emma Brewin Hazel Marion Cappello

Image via Emma Brewin

Emma Brewin’s oversized fluffy hats made headlines this year, as seen on celebrities including Rihanna and Dua Lipa. The essential hats are functional, welcoming, fun and, above all, a real blast for style. In deep brown, the Hazel Marion hat uses faux fur and a craft technique to form the perfect accessory for your outfit.

Buy the Hazel Marion hat for £ 500 here.

8. Loewe wedge boot in calfskin

Image via Loewe

Loewe is love. Love is a funky shoe. In bold yellow and black, this rubber-soled faux crocodile might just be one of the most unique shoes of the year, with the illusion of a black sock ankle going into a pair of leather loafers. Fun to see, fun to wear: Loewe is nothing but innovative.

Shop the wedge boot for $ 1,100 here.


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