7 fashion trends to try in 2022 (plus, where to shop the best looks)

Every year we see new trends and styles in fashion. While 2021 has seen face masks in a myriad of colors, prints and fabrics become a style statement and paired with cropped tops, formal and ethnic dresses and many other ensembles, 2022 also has a lot in store.

From revamping classic retro looks to modern twists to classic outfits, there’s a lot you can incorporate to make a fashion statement. While wide-leg pants, short cardigans, skinny jeans and chunky sneakers are making the rounds on social media, new and emerging fashion trends of checkered jackets and coats, as well as silk and satin sleepwear, are the main trendsetters.

Furthermore, the fashion industry is already abuzz with iconic collaborations, such as Balenciaga-Gucci, Dior-Sacai and Supreme-Tiffany and Co, which blend luxury with casual styles to create something unique for everyone.

Meanwhile, many other trends are spreading through our lives, catching us off guard. From bold, contrasting prints to neutral tones and color-blocking jackets, dresses and footwear, 2022 will be about wearing a mix of styles and how you want to wear the look.

Mini skirt and suit

First introduced by Marc Bohan at Dior in 1961, this quintessential super-chic look is the way to go. Take inspiration from Chanel supermodels and get this sleek modern look with little effort. Maria Grazia Chiuri also wore this look forever young to dress up as a réentrée at Dior in September 2021.

Do you want to show off this style? Pair a mini skirt with your favorite blazer and that’s it. To make it more fun, play with colors and choose completely contrasting shades, add some prints or choose a different fabric such as leather.


Sleepwear doesn’t have to be boring and just wear loose fitting clothing. You can make a beautiful style statement that will also make you feel good. In fact, Pinterest lists it in its top fashion trends for 2022.

While we love getting comfortable in our favorite set of pajamas and baggy shirts or soft sweatpants with tank tops, perhaps a satin or silk sleepwear can give the same comfort and make you look elegant too. Additionally, Pinterest shares that people have been paying more attention to home clothing. Searches for “lingerie lounge” have gone up many times, suggesting a major fashion trend for 2022.

From satin nightgowns to silk shorts and shirt suits, these fabrics not only amplify your style, they are also extremely soft. Why limit yourself to just clothes? Get some awesome silk eye masks and satin sheets for that extra cozy feeling.

Coats and trousers in natural shades

Color blocking has been a rage in recent years, but this time around it’s all about nude and natural shades. The best thing about this trend is that you can’t go wrong with beige, brown, off-white, or similar shades. Oversized coats and jackets have hit the ramps many times, but the natural hues make the ensemble multifunctional.

Wear it to work, a casual lunch or even dinner, coats never fail to make a style statement. Pair them with plain-colored trousers and turn heads wherever you go. Add a pop of color to this look with a yellow, orange or brightly colored tee or turtleneck of your choice for that added glam quotient.

Pearls and beads

Image credit: kiyana / Unsplash

Pearls are forever classics, and this timeless adornment isn’t just limited to jewelry. Pearl and beaded clothing is a popular idea, setting fashion trends over the years. Long sleeves with beads or pearls around the collars – they can elevate your look no matter what you wear them. This is another highlight on Pinterest’s prediction list and we couldn’t have agreed more.

Interestingly, pearls are the new trend in town for men too and are a great accessory. Did you know Australia has the highest searches in terms of pearl-themed wedding decorations?
Hair accessories with pearls, pearl themed parties, nail art, men’s necklaces and everything in between – it has never been so versatile!

“In 2022, people of all ages will embrace iridescent accents in their homes, in their jewelry boxes and even as nail art,” Pinterest said.

Dresses for all occasions

Fashion trends for 2022: dress
Image credit: Clarke Sanders / @ clar_san / Unsplash

‘Dress to impress’ is no longer the trend. Wearing something to feel good and comfortable or what is commonly called “dopamine dress” is the mantra to follow.

A dress that elevates your mood, colors that touch your heart and styles you want to flaunt, there are no restrictions on what you can do. Feel confident with this trendy trend that can be changed to suit your comfort.

From ruffled and tousled styles, neon colors, classic sheath dresses, knit dresses, rainbow prints and stripes to flowing midline dresses, the options are endless. Whether it’s summer, spring or fall, this trend is trendy and chic in every season.

According to Pinterest forecasts, people are taking everything pop and vibrant, and this trend is on the rise. According to Pinterest, the surge in searches for dresses in fuchsia pink and emerald green, as well as pink shoes, topped the charts.

Knee boots

Boots are an all-time favorite and it doesn’t get any better when you channel your inner fashionista into a pair of stylish shoes. Paired with dresses, jeans, mini skirts or a pair of shorts, knee-high boots instantly spice up your look and elevate a normal outfit.

From animal prints to bright colors paired with your monochromatic outfits, there is so much to experiment with.
If you want to stand out in a room full of people, try the boots decorated with Swarovski crystals. Accessory accordingly or keep your look minimal and let the outfit do the talking.

Lines and squares

Setting a bold statement, “stripes are strongly associated with direction,” said fashion firm Marni’s Francesco Risso in a conversation with Vogue. Also, they are no longer a part of the past years, but are the favorites of the present day, and are here to stay.

In addition to the stripes, the checkered print is another of Pinterest’s predictions. Men are opting for checkered suits and shirts while nail art, mats, stoles and tops are gaining momentum on this fashion trend. Interestingly, millennials and fashion newbies are a major driving force behind the popularity of this trend.

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