6 Times Modern Luxuries Accidentally Ended Up in Period Pieces

The night is long and full of mistakes.

Listen, making TV is hard! Long hours, tight schedules, sometimes not-so-ideal shooting conditions … that’s a lot to handle, which is why mistakes that seem super how-they-missed-that happen. Sure, they don’t happen much, but when they do, you can rest assured that the internet will notice and have a good time right away.

Bridgerton it’s just a costume drama to be scrutinized for a mistake when it comes to an inappropriate object of the era accidentally making its way into an episode, but it’s far from the first. Who can forget the infamous cup of coffee that seemed to prove Westeros actually had a Starbucks? game of Thrones? And that was just one of the many gaffes HBO’s fantasy hit made during its eight-season run. Forget the winter, memes always came when it came to their mistakes.

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