31 outdoorsy fashion buys inspired by The Queen’s country style

The classic country style loved by royalty and their set hasn’t changed much over the years.

Yes, their Barbours are less mud-stained now that they were designed by Alexa Chung rather than ripped off the chez mum and dad peg, and their horse print dresses and sweaters are now sold by ultra-cool London brands rather than inherited from large – grandmother – but the overall aesthetic is still there.

Maybe that’s why we like it so much. At a time when we crave authenticity and enjoy finding hidden gems in the back of our wardrobes, it’s no surprise that instead of looking forward to an uncertain future, we’re looking back at one of the most comforting styles of the past few decades.

And what could be more suitable for a frosty, travelless January than borrowing from people who can’t think of anything better than a brisk pace across Britain’s moors in the bleak winter?

Jackets, coats and sweaters


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