3 Sustainable Fashion Concepts to Check Out

Deck Concept Store in West Palm Beach

All decorated

What do you find in the intersection of fashion, art and globetrotting creative types? Some really desirable threads — and Deck Concept Store in West Palm Beach.

Roberta Rosa and Ana Gomes founded the unique boutique last fall. Originally from Brazil, the two met when Rosa helped bring Gomes’ PH Praia beachwear brand to the United States. Together, they see fashion from a global perspective and intend to introduce new and emerging designers from around the world to Deck, while creating a meeting space for those with similar interests through elements such as a photo studio and coworking area.

“I founded Deck to share my passion with other people,” says Rosa. She chose to launch Deck in West Palm Beach “not only because it could be a good location for business, but also because it was the place I fell in love with and wanted to live with. Opening Deck made me love it more and I’m making great new friends, meeting great creators and partnering with other unique entrepreneurs. ”

Palm Beach shop subscription canceled, photo by Nick Mele
Palm Beach shop canceled. Photo by Nick Mele

Slow fashion

The latest venture from the parent company of American Eagle and Aerie AEO Inc., Unsubscribe is a consciously made slow fashion brand with a new location on Worth Avenue. Inspired by the colors of sand and sunsets, the shop is filled with sustainably sourced vintage furniture and natural textures. In working towards full sustainability, the Unsubscribe team only designs a few seasons a year and works with brands that directly support their producers and artisans. “Unsubscribe is about slowing down and celebrating the beauty of modern simplicity,” says Jennifer Foyle, AEO’s chief creative officer. “Palm Beach has a relaxed yet luxurious vibe combined with a beach vibe, making it the perfect venue for Unsubscribe’s private label products and partner brands.”

Branch of the Port of Mang x FAU.  Photo of MANG®
Branch of the Port of Mang x FAU. Photo of MANG®

Ocean clothing

Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has a new way for ocean lovers to wear their hearts on their sleeves. The research organization has partnered with West Palm Beach-based clothing company Mang to create a special collection featuring designs that honor the ocean and human health, aquaculture innovation and food safety, l technological innovation and national defense and conservation of the marine ecosystem. Ten percent of the sales of the T-shirts and stickers will benefit the organization. Making a difference is nothing new for Mang, whose team plants a mangrove along a living coast for every item sold and has planted more than 350,000 to date. The Mang x FAU Harbor Branch collection is available for purchase until the end of this month.