15Talent Aims To Change The Way Fashion Influencers Monetize TikTok In 2022

The adage states that “every journey begins with a single step” most likely never imagined a company like TikTok stepping into the digital age. When it first debuted, TikTok was built on the basis of user interconnectivity.

Surprisingly enough, the social network has extended its invitation to the fashion influencer community and new fashion brands. It was a time when you had the opportunity to digitally renew your brand culture. In addition, it has enabled the platform’s users to curate a customer-centric experience.

With over 100 million active users (in the US alone) over a span of a few years, this obsessive “passing time” viral video platform has captured the hearts of Gen-Z and millennials around the world. Alongside, a disturbing and profound influence on the mind, sound and culture of these days and ages …

Talk about building a vision; According to Hootsuite, the progressive app hit 2 billion downloads in 2021 and was enlisted as the seventh most used app globally, after WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

While digital marketers and savvy entrepreneurs are careful in their approach to marketing on this social platform, two individuals have combined fun and hard work. The result is a multi-million dollar venture integrating other brands as paid customers.

The key to success for the duo is that their business trajectory is similarly tied to the rise of consumer interconnectivity, a diverse group of thinkers and creators that includes not just a broad spectrum of users but rather the spectrum itself. It is this sense of collective success that inspires and permeates the fashion business to flourish.

While TikTok marketing may not be ideal for every niche, the fashion industry has successfully penetrated this space to convert its youth demographic into brand loyal customers.

Fashion brands that make an impact:

In its first iteration, TikTok and the rise of its early supporters experimented with impromptu creative concepts inspired by early onboarding by TikTok users. These days, brands like Alice + Olivia, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Fashion Nova, Tory Burch, and Missoni all own Tik Tok accounts and are very active on the platform.

On a higher note, Prada; The high street brand recently partnered with TikTok’s number one influencer Charli D’Amelio to capture Milan Fashion Week content for her followers. Unsurprisingly, D’Amelio’s best-performing video for the brand aspired to up to 5.7 million likes, 64.3K shares and 36.8M views and Prada managed to create so much buzz, without having to own a TikTok account.

At this point, there is nothing stopping a brand from marketing their brand culture to a specific target audience. The agency’s founders hold a pool of experience that ensures specific results promised to clients with every campaign launched through its high-end influencer network. Here is a brief overview of both founders:

Kamran Sankey (a self-made 28-year-old millionaire) started his first company at the age of 17 during the early stages of Influencer content creation. He quickly learned the basics of what it takes to be an influencer and what it takes to propel a brand through new trends. More precisely, he has experience in both long and short form platforms; which helped him build a successful agency.

Gabriela Blukacz is a 21-year-old who earns an astonishing 7 figures a month from her personal TikTok account. Blukacz’s success fires the warning shots that there is not just a new way to do business, but rather one that must be followed for a brand’s future success. In fact, Blukacz is co-owner of one of the largest and most busy TikTok accounts in the world called “GabiFaye”. The account has generated over 10 million followers in the past 2 years alone.

In a way, it seems to carry the definition of “from creators to creators” in the heart and soul of 15Talent. As an entrepreneur myself, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by how marketing strategies for the Gen Z demographic work on TikTok.

The start of the 15Talent business began with the co-founder’s enthusiasm for the digital challenge of new market standards. In their words, “Having established our foundations as a YouTube network in 2012 where we managed over 40,000 YouTubers and conducted over 20,000 successful branded campaigns for brands, we felt the next step was TikTok, thus bringing 15Talent to life.” .

The founders felt that TikTok had more opportunities to explore. “We felt the next step forward was TikTok …” both co-founders say. With over 10 years of Gen Z study experience, combined with 10 million followers on TikTok, 15Talent had a 360-degree view of influencers and brands alike. Indeed, it is this wealth of knowledge that has made the agency what it is today.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with 15Talent co-founders Kamran Sankey and Gabriela Blukacz about how they set out to provide additional monetization strategies for influencers, such as implementing unique marketing strategies, they were able to highlight apparel brands to millions of viewers, and because they believe 15Talent can help brands connect with their target demographic with proven results.

Joseph DeAcetis: What has been your greatest source of inspiration?

Kamran Sankey / Gabriela Blukacz: When we started our first internal account on TikTok called “GabiFaye” with over 10 million followers, run by our founder Gabriela Blukacz, we quickly realized that there are limited monetization opportunities for influencers on TikTok. This inspired us to solve a problem we considered big, in that for entertainers to turn what they love into their full-time jobs they needed to make sure they had a stable income at all times. After setting up what is now a system that boasts the most monetization strategies for influencers on TikTok, we moved on to the next problem. Brands needed a professional and reputable company to host their influencer campaigns on TikTok; Using our in-depth knowledge of influencer marketing spanning over 10 years of experience, we were able to fill this gap very easily.

JD: When you started, what did you see that others haven’t seen?

KS / GB: We found a large gap in the market for a professional and specialist TikTok marketing agency that has delivered on its promises to both brands and influencers.

With 15Talent we have decided to provide more monetization strategies for our influencers than any other TikTok agency today, allowing us to boast a generous average of $ 20,000 per month among our influencers. With brands, we have consistently achieved excellent results that almost always deliver overwhelming results. We are proud of our guarantee of 1 million views on every single branded post we deliver to our brands.

JD: There is still an untapped monetization opportunity for fashion on social media (especially TikTok)

KS / GB: As TikTok is such a new and aggressively growing platform, more and more new and untapped monetization opportunities are bound to arise. At 15Talent we are proud to say that we are abreast of every opportunity available to ensure that we are providing our influencers with more monetization opportunities than any other TikTok agency in the world.

JD: Are there any strategies you have used to grow and monetize your TikTok accounts?

KS / GB: Using our enormous wealth of information and data that we at 15Talent have collected over more than 10 years in the field of influencer marketing, we have come up with multiple strategies for aggressive account growth on TikTok. The Gabi Faye TikTok account is our testimony in showing our ability to grow social accounts for the brands we work with to millions of followers.

JD: What would you say 15Talent is doing differently that will cause a noticeable change in fashion?

KS / GB: The categories of the 15Talent network span a broad range which includes, but is not limited to, food, gadgets, spirituality, toys, sports, pets and fashion. Using our unique marketing strategies, we are able to push relatively new or unknown clothing brands to millions of people using our vast network of fashion influencers.

JD: Compared to 15Talent, what’s the future of TikTok influencers?

KS / GB: TikTok introduced new wave influencers that had previously only existed in a relatively small and emerging group; According to Kamran Sankey’s research, most eCommerce brands agree that influencer marketing sells better than most other more traditional advertising methods and is fast becoming the go-to method for most brands. This in turn is creating a huge influx of ultra-rich influencers who are making online entertainment their full-time jobs.

Fashion marketing in the digital age:

Brands that influencers who love social media have a lot in common with 15Talent. So much so that the BBC, Business Insider and other national news outlets have cited the agency’s direct business focus as one to watch. But even more important. Marketing agency TikTok is, in a sense, redefining social media marketing by using highly engaging short content strategies for marketing versus videos that run much longer on YOUTUBE. * Consumer abandonment interests now in 3 minutes. Source:

As TikTok offers creators limited options to generate revenue, 15Talent has in turn leveraged its comparative advantage by developing unique ways to give TikTok influencers the celebrity status they aim to achieve on the social media platform. 15Talent offers TikTok influencers a way to earn an average of $ 20,000 a month. It also helps brands get into the heart of their audience by placing them in the most popular trends at the time of the campaign launch.


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