12th annual Men of the Desert fashion show benefits Animal Samaritans

Nearly 500 animal lovers have donated between $ 200 and $ 250 to participate Animal Samaritan’s 12th Annual Men of the Desert Parade. All funds raised went to the organization’s lifesaving rescue program.

The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance recommends that nonprofits spend no more than 35 cents on the dollar of their administration and fundraising budget. Animal Samaritans only spends 10 cents per dollar, which means the remaining 90 cents go directly to supporting its mission and services.

Board member of Animal Samaritans and News Channel 3 Patrick Evans opened the event by thanking not only the council members in attendance, but also the volunteers and staff who made the program so effective.

Animal Samaritans' Tom Snyder addresses the crowd.

Capital Campaign

Following are the words of the co-presidents Lori Serfling And Patrick Mundt, CEO of Animal Samaritans Tom Snyder took the stage and shared that Animal Samaritans had rescued more than 14,000 animals and found a home for 12,000. However, the organization has outgrown its small no-kill shelter on Ramon Road and needs a facility that can accommodate more animals, accommodate dogs of all sizes, and allow for robust exercise on site. The new facility is expected to open in December 2022. To learn more and to donate, contact Sid Craig, Campaign Director for Capital, at scraig@animalsamaritans.org or (760) 601-5700.

The beautiful hounds

The show featured men’s fashion provided by Saks Fifth Avenue of Palm Desert. Susan Stein, fashion / scene editor of Palm Springs Life, introduced the event by announcing that “fashion has changed. It’s casual but elegant and chic. ” He then went on to describe how the clothes for the models were selected.


Local models on the runway with their pets, many of whom house dogs, including the vice president of the Eisenhower Health Foundation Kristian Ardelian and Lilly; owner and CEO of the Luxe Group Michael Berk with Romeo and Juliet; Oreste Chua, luxury retail professional at Gardens on El Paseo, with soul mate and rescue Chubby; lawyer Walter Clark Marnie walking; lawyer Dan Clivner with Princess Cochran; director of the Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory and executive director of the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival Aaron Espino walking nut; Saks Fifth Avenue Vice President and General Manager Dennis Flaig-Moore Bentley on foot; professional musician Tim Gross, walking Roxie; heart surgeon Steven Gundry with Okie Dokie; Michael Johnson, specializing in architectural conservation and restoration in New York and Los Angeles, showing off Lucky and Happy; Member of the Board of Directors of the COD Foundation Dale Landon Walking Shadow; Ari Loeb, novelist and stuntman, who walks Ama; Michele Melancono, a contemplative caregiver with a focus on end of life and palliative care, parades with Lilli; American Airlines flight attendant Mark Miller with Cowboy and Sophie; 849 co-owner Giovanni Pasquale Edison and Elsa walking with pride; executive director of the new Supple Foundation for Cultural Arts, Craig Prater, escorted on the catwalk by Sophia; orthopedic surgeon Erik Schnaser, accompanied by Dagny; Rancho Mirage resident Michael scoby, walking Nick; motivational speaker and author Art wedding escorted by Sissy; film actor, former athlete and Wounded Warrior Project spokesperson Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Ranger and Spike; and David Zippel, lyricist and director, who walks Lucky.

Dennis Flaig-Moore sports Bentley, an adopted seven-year-old Westie.

Sponsor of the event

The presentation sponsor was The Carl Jud Foundation. Platinum Paws Sponsor: Eisenhower health And The Auen Foundation. Golden paws sponsor: Helene Galen And Jamie Kabler, Jan Skip, the Skipper Fund, Scarlett And Bill Adams And Mechanical Bank. Silver Paws Sponsor: Contour dermatology, David Kowalczyk And Curtis Johnson. Sponsor of the bronze legs: Wedmore, Clivner, IE Gives / Joe Staley, Sarah Milmet, Gregg Seller And Branham Lama, Gayle Hodges, Warm purple energy And The gastronomy of the body. Tail Waggers Sponsor: Berk, Mark Smith, Ed Ziegler And David Gaines. Saved queues: Canine massage therapy.

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