11 Most Coveted Luxury Fashion Brands for Gen Z to Resale and Shop Vintage

Thanks to the high tide of vintage and designer clothing, led by the Internet, pieces of luxury fashion brands are now being passed down to another generation (and in extraordinary condition) regardless of family ties. Vintage shopping, once a new and niche way to update one’s wardrobe, is now the norm, especially for Generation Z. Resale is now officially part of the mainstream style game. It has gotten to the point where even brand new luxury items purchased today are bought with potential resale value in mind. TikTok is filled with videos advising which luxury items and brands hold value over time and it’s no wonder why.

On January 13, retailer The RealReal released its 2022 Luxury Consignment Report, which, as the name suggests, looks at trends and statistics on luxury shipping and we can confirm: the facts decidedly reflect that increase in vintage resale. “Resale is undeniably become mainstream and the luxury sector it has a distinction that sets it apart: Each demographic group actively participates in the resale of luxury,” says the report Rati Sahi Levesque, president of The RealReal. “From Generation Z to the silent generation, each demo has increased the adoption of second-hand luxury in 2021 and as a result nearly all brands have seen an increase in resale value.”

Whether you’re looking to invest, shop vintage (for sustainability or other reasons) or are simply fascinated by the ever-changing world of resale, below we’ve highlighted some of the most popular luxury fashion brands of all time and on-demand ones. for Gen. Z, according to The RealReal report and in no particular order.


With Alessandro Michele at the helm, Gucci has truly been the design house of generations, young and old, in recent years. Since 2016, the brand has adopted celebrated muses such as Harry Styles, EXO’s Kai and Billie Eilish – all complete rock stars who speak the stylistic language of young people – while retaining its loyal customers. No wonder The RealReal highlights it as the No. 1 brand in luxury retail for all ages.

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV emblem is one of the most recognizable and imitated seals in the world. The Generation Z loves it for one reason: it is so instantly recognizable and classic, but also acquired this ability to be edgy and again with the help of people like the late Virgil Abloh and celebrities chosen to represent the brand, as the supergroup BTS and Squid gamerising star Hoyeon Jung, both global ambassadors of the luxury brand.

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Louis Vuitton brass key and padlock set

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Louis Vuitton Sign It bracelet


The Prada 2021 customer is a unique buyer: the look is classic, simple, functional and elegant. Think of anyone from Frank Ocean to Anna Wintour to Sydney Sweeney’s character Euphoria. (ICYMI: Cassie is sporting Prada’s white pumps during the second season premiere of HBO’s hit series. Yep, including that intense bathtub scene.)

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Ribbed cap in Tec Rec

Vintage Prada

Yes, they are different things. Vintage Prada is a hot product. According to The RealReal, its value has increased 38% in the past year. Notably, that increase aligns with the return of Prada’s nylon.

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PRADA Vintage Décolleté in Patent Leather

Jean Paul Gaultier

The 90s went nowhere. The RealReal report shows that Jean Paul Gaultier’s resale value has increased by 70% over the past year, making him one of the best niche picks from Gen Z, which makes perfect sense. Knits, printed garments and rock and roll sensibility are thus present in current trends. (And yes, Zendaya rocked some vintage Jean Paul Gaultiers during EuphoriaIt’s the second seasonmashed potato!)

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Jean Paul Gaultier Soleil Vintage midi dress

Jean Paul Gaultier vintage 2000s jacket


Chanel has been quite consistently one of the biggest players in the resale game, the garments have even gained value over time. Chanel celebrities have been women like Kristen Stewart and Kaia Gerber.

Chanel silk printed scarf

Leather ballet flats with Chanel interlocking CC logo

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone is one of the favorite contemporary brands of Generation Z and millennials to resell. He is known for beautiful, well-made classics and wardrobe essentials.

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Rag & Bone cashmere crewneck sweater

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s influence on modern fashion is very palpable. Among corsets printed seen on celebrities like Bella Hadid, the coveted necklaces with the ship’s emblem and the fact that each K-pop girl is dancing these days, it makes perfect sense that the brand’s resale value has increased by 26 % this year.

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Knee-length dress with Vivienne Westwood Red Label print

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Vivienne Westwood Red Label vintage 90s blazer

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is one of the best-selling brands by buyers of every generation. Tory Burch was one of the biggest contemporary women’s fashion brands in the late 2000s.

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Tory Burch tote bag with logo print

Thierry Mugler

RealReal reported that iconic designer Thierry Mugler has seen a 70% increase in resale value this year. The vintage Thierry Mugler has been worn on recent red carpets by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Cardi B.

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Thierry Mugler vintage wool evening jacket

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Thierry Mugler knee-length wool skirt


If you are that girl, you may know Missoni. The Italian luxury house has increased 20% in resale value this year, mostly for its knitwear.

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Missoni square shaded sunglasses

M Missoni Knee-length dress with V-neck

Honorable Mentions: Sneakers

Yes, sneakers are now luxury items, at least when it comes to resale value. The sneaker resale culture is infamous, so obviously, they were bound to make The RealReal report. The retailer points out that sneaker collaborations, particularly those of New Balance and Nike’s Jordan, are highly coveted this year. Dior x Jordan 1 still reigns supreme, with some resales as high as $ 13,000. (It hurts to write, don’t lie!)

The report also notes that New Balance collaborations sell up to 387% of their retail price, illustrated with an image of the wanted 550. (Pro tip: New Balance consistently restocking non-collaborative versions of this silhouette, so keep your eyes on open if you want to avoid these intense resale markups!)

AIMÉ LEON DORE X NEW BALANCE 550 Athletic trainers with tags

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AIR DIOR 2020 Jordan 1 Retro High OG Sneakers with labels

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