1,000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton Wants Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

1,000 lbs. sisters star Amy Slaton she’s ready to have even less of her after a 140-pound weight loss. Now she has to deal with excess skin after dropping from 400lbs to 260lbs, although she still wants to reach her target weight of 150lbs. Amy is ready to resort to plastic surgery to get rid of her loose skin.

In a preview clip for the December 20 episode of the TLC show, Amy, who gave birth to son Gage in November 2020, revealed to her husband, Michael, that when she goes to places like the park, “I’m so tired because I carry so much excess skin,” citing that she weighed 260 pounds the last time she stepped on a scale. “I have worked hard to offload this burden. My ultimate goal is 150. But now it’s hard to lose weight, “she complained, adding,” There’s so much excess skin. My weight is stabilizing. “

“To me it’s ugly, the way it looks,” Amy shared, as she raised her arm to show the sagging skin underneath. “It makes me feel unattractive. I don’t feel sexy with all this skin. I felt safer when I was 400 pounds, but I had a lot of health problems back then. “

Amy then revealed how insecure she feels, telling the producers, “Now, I have all this excess skin and now I feel like people are looking at me and judging a lot more.” He went on to reveal the parts of his body where he would like the skin removed through plastic surgery, including under his chin, arms and how he wants “perky” instead of “floppy t-ts”, saying, “I want them to have a healthy appearance and not just flaps of skin.

Amy also reflected on how Gage has become a “bottomless pit” when it comes to eating, which reminds her “so much” of her sister, Tammy. “Eat more than me. It’s scary, because I don’t want him to weigh 600 pounds. I don’t want him to be fat, “Amy revealed in a confessional.

“My son means the world to me, so I want the best for him. I don’t want her to struggle like me and Tammy with our weight, “continued Amy, adding,” I want her to have a normal, healthy weight. So, he doesn’t have to worry about bullies in school or anything like that. “

1000 lb sisters airs Mondays at 10pm on TLC.

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