10 New Wardrobe Essentials Fashion Editors Are Wearing Now

Given my role as a fashion editor, I consider myself something of a shopping pro if you will. After all, I spend most of my day scrolling through various e-commerce sites to offer you, dear readers, a top-notch product modification that I think you will enjoy. In this regard, I thought I’d highlight some of the trendy items I’m particularly obsessed with right now. And not to be biased, but the latest drop from the Who What Wear collection is really keeping me going.

Below, you will discover the pieces that speak to me the most, as shown by some of my colleagues. While each item is unique in its own right, they all share a similarity, as they are very versatile and can be paired with a range of accessories or other pieces. Without further ado, keep scrolling through my current shopping list. To enjoy.


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