10 Books That Will Help You Create Amazing Fashion Illustrations

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Drawing is a centuries-old art form that brings all kinds of ideas to life. Just as painters can take a pencil to make a preliminary sketch of their subject, stylists take out their sketchbooks when they have an idea for a fabulous new piece. However, fashion illustration is more than just a creative activity. It is also an exquisite art style in itself.

Do you want to learn how to create your own eye-catching fashion illustrations? Fortunately, there is an abundance of instructional books that can teach you the skills you need to know. Modern fashion illustration artist Holly Nichols is the ideal guide for working artists and designers. It explains through step-by-step tutorials and finished artwork how to create eye-catching images that will appeal to modern audiences. If, on the other hand, you want to take a complete dive into everything there is to know about this discipline, Michele Wesen Bryant Fashion design is the ideal companion. It features a comprehensive guide and also includes techniques used by renowned fashion illustrators.

From mastering the human figure to rendering clothing textures and patterns, check out our list of the 10 best fashion illustration books.

Learn how to draw stunning fashion illustrations with one of these amazing books.

Fashion Drawing, Second Edition: Illustration Techniques for Stylists

Fashion illustration book

Michele being Bryant | $ 65

Michele is from Bryant Fashion design is a beautiful and comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of fashion illustration. Inside the book are numerous step-by-step tutorials that show you how to make women, men, and even babies. It also includes over 1,000 illustrations by prominent illustrators and analyzes the techniques they use.

Fashion Design Workshop: Remix

Fashion illustration book

Stephanie Caffè | $ 17.47

For creatives looking for a more contemporary approach to fashion illustration, there’s Stephanie Corfee’s book Fashion Design Workshop: Remix. This colorful book includes step-by-step projects inspired by iconic designs, everyday fashion, and special occasions. It also features a range of body types to bring a more inclusive approach to your illustrations.

Modern Fashion Illustration: Create trend stories and develop a personal brand

Fashion illustration book

Holly Nichols | $ 18.39

Modern fashion illustration is made by artist Holly Nichols, famous online for her incredible fashion-inspired art. In this book, he not only shows how to approach a stick figure and render various garments, but also explains how to promote your art on social media, making it an ideal guide for the modern working artist.

Contemporary fashion illustration techniques

Fashion illustration book

Naoki Watanabe | $ 17.95

Contemporary fashion illustration techniques it is the definitive reference for artists who wish to improve their technical skills. Author and artist Naoki Watanabe covers the basics and shows how to make movement in the texture of the garment material so that your illustrations convey your designs accurately and beautifully.

Fashion art illustration

Fashion illustration book

Jennifer Lilia | $ 21.62

If you want to learn all the essentials for fashion illustration, then Jennifer Lilya’s book Fashion art illustration it’s the perfect start. Artfully explains how to render faces, bodies and clothes with numerous colorful illustrations. This guide also includes helpful tips, such as which materials to choose and how to use them.

Color in fashion illustration: drawing and painting techniques

Fashion illustration book

Tiziana Paci | $ 26.64

Fashion illustration students who want to master color will love Tiziana Paci’s book Color in fashion illustration. Use images and examples to demonstrate how to incorporate watercolor, water-soluble graphite, colored pencils, professional markers, digital art, and more into your portfolio.

Fashion Illustration & Design: methods and techniques to obtain professional results

Fashion illustration book

Manuela Brambatti | $ 26.52

Fashion illustration and design is produced by Versace’s chief design illustrator, Manuela Brambatti. Within the book, readers will learn through images and examples how he conveys different designs with his innovative style and how to do the same in their artwork.

Essential fashion illustration

Fashion illustration book

Maite Lafuente | $ 24.52

Students who want to create striking stick figures will love Maite Lafuente’s book Essential fashion illustration. It provides a myriad of examples that illustrate how to make different poses, hands and feet, as well as different positions and angles. Plus, it explains how to bring your art to life through color, using watercolor, pastel, and more.

Haute Couture Fashion Illustration Resource Book

Fashion illustration book

Irina V Ivanova $ 24.95

If you want to focus on high fashion, then there is the book by Irina V Ivanova Haute Couture fashion illustration. Use step-by-step examples and pictures to teach you how to draw human figures and poses, and how to make a variety of different dress silhouettes.

Fashion illustration book

Somer Flaherty Tejwani | 18.01

Acclaimed fashion illustrators from around the world contributed to the creation Fashion art illustration. Features more than 150 illustrations and interviews with illustrators explaining how to add movement, attitude and style to your art.

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