10 Black Fashion Influencers Who Brought The Style In 2021

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Black fashion influencers are one of the main reasons why those interested in fashion shrug social media. Whether one needs outfit inspiration, wants some information on different ways to wear a look, or just loves the art of fashion – Black fashion influencers are where they are. We never tire of seeing their expert sets motivating us to upgrade our wardrobe. We also look forward to their fashion posts which make us eagerly touch the heart icon and save the image so we can recreate the look in due course.

While 2020 presented great challenges (COVIDs) that led some fashionistas to cut back on their extravagant outfits for lounge wear and jogging sets, 2021 is back with a vengeance in the fashion department and our favorite fashion influencers have certainly made up for lost time. Because they work so hard to stay consistent and spread the inspiration for the outfit like it’s no one’s business, we’d be remiss if we didn’t shout them out. To round off 2021, check out some of our favorite black fashion influencers below who have guided us in style throughout the year without missing a beat.

1. Marsha B

Marsha not only served in the style department, but she also spread positive vibes on her Instagram page. When we needed a dose of motivation for life coupled with some fierce fashion, Marsha was our go-to girl.

2. Ariel

Listen, Ariel hasn’t taken her foot off our necks all year 2021 and we’ve loved every minute of it. Whether she was serving looks with her man in Bali, Indonesia or it was a whole vibe at the Veuve Clicuot Polo Classic, honey was bringing it into fashion.

3. Samjah Iman

When we needed some vintage inspiration, we count on Samjah. The one-of-a-kind classic pieces he finds and mixes with updated pieces have hit the mark. If you’re a second-hand buyer and need a little guide on how to style your one-of-a-kind pieces, head over to Samjah’s page for help in that area.

4. Joce Blake

Joce’s page is a chic fashion show blended with photos of fierce nails and all the black girl inspiration you can stand. Her out-of-the-box looks inspire us to take fashion risks, and we absolutely love that most of her looks pay homage to black culture in some way.

5. Abiodun

If refinement had a name, it would be Abiodun. Simple has never been so chic. Adiodun knows how to minimize it and make it elegant at the same time.

6. Jasmine

You will never run out of brunch outfit ideas if you follow Jazmine. This elegant honey will show you how to kill a brunch with girls the right way. It gave endless inspiration to the brunch wear label and we trust we weren’t disappointed!

7. Lei Marie

Of course she is a stylist! You know a thing or two about this fashion game. Taking risks in style is Elle Marie’s game. If you want to learn how to combine unique pieces together, this is your style influencer.

8. Renae Antoinette

Of course, Renae did the training because she brings the heat when it comes to style. Her trendy IQ is high and her outfits prove it. That’s her when it comes to mixing prints and matching pretty colors together.

9. Acacia

If you are a sneaker enthusiast, then Acacia has you covered. Find the most original sneakers and combine them with the coolest fashion looks. Her hair, bags, and style will keep her on any top-tier influencer list.

10. Mikaela Pabon

And last but not least … the Mikaela Pabon. Her fashion genius is on another level. The creative way she combines exotic patterns makes us swoon in adoration. Mikaela challenges us when it comes to taking style risks and we absolutely admire her for that.

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