10 best fashion moments from the iconic show

leave it Friends to give the world its most classic and timeless fashion looks, many of which are making a comeback on the runway today.

Not only girls, but boys too have rocked the fashion world, whether it’s Chandler’s sweaters or Joey’s men’s bag; they were iconic.

Fashion in ‘Friends’

10) Phoebe’s jazz coats

Phoebe always wore something extra because, well, she was extra. Everything resonated with her personality, from her grunge-style clothes, bold accessories and bright, flamboyant coats.

A memorable outfit from Friends it must be The one where everyone finds out episode where Phoebe wore bright orange fur. The other time was when she wore a zebra coat in season six, episode 18.

9) Monica’s overalls

For all Friends, Monica was seen wearing a jumpsuit and, at times, paired with something new, which worked more fashionably. She paired it with a red t-shirt and white tank top, making it a very classic style statement.

8) Phoebe’s necklaces

Phoebe’s style in everything Friends she was considered quirky and bohemian chic, and is known for always pairing a fantastic necklace with her outfits. No one else could ever sport such bold accessories as Phoebe did. Sometimes she even added rings, looking more beautiful than ever.

7) Rachel’s slip dresses

If there’s anyone who has inspired 21st century fashion, it’s Rachel Green from Friends. She sported slip dresses twenty years before they became popular. Rachel has worn the look countless times, whether at work or in different colors or patterns, nailing it every time.

Rachel paired them with a t-shirt or a simple tan, making it her favorite style. Phoebe added it with her grunge look, which at the same time looked retro and modern.

6) Chandler Sweater Vest

Chandler, in his tank top, was the peak of fashion in Friends. Nothing has ever suited anyone better than a sweater on Chandler. While some might say it was a fashion mistake, it’s kind of cute, edgy, and cool all at the same time. It went perfectly with his sarcastic self.

5) Monica’s mom’s jeans

Monica has sported all kinds of fabulous looks Friends but what looked best on her were the mom jeans. Usually, in a light wash shade, Monica’s looks made her fresh, timeless and simple.

It even proved that pairing acid-washed jeans with a plaid shirt is something that will never go out of style.

4) Ross’s leather pants

Ross’s New Year’s resolution to wear leather pants in Friends it was nothing but elegant. In season five, he chose to be the “dad rocker” and made it until, of course, he got stuck in those leather pants.

Reminder: Do not overheat the leather pants, otherwise they will shrink.

3) Monica’s button-down shirts

Monica made the button-down look cool in Friends. The way she styled her shirts and how elegant she was with them shows just how awesome everything can look.

Monica also made a laced shirt look nice and said goodbye to the tuck. He even wore a casual plaid shirt, giving him the most comfortable and chic look ever.

2) Joey’s men’s bag

No fans of Friends can never forget Joey’s bag, aka men’s bag. It started with a simple hat for her audition look, but eventually Joey succumbed to how cool the bag was. He also thought it was very practical.

Usually, such a bag is used for keys, wallets, etc., but for Joey it was meant to keep his sandwich safe. Ansel Elgort and Anwar Hadid got nothing on Joey Tribbiani when she struts with her men’s bag.

1) Rachel’s miniskirts

If there was a look that Rachel rocked everywhere Friends, were the miniskirts. She was a great lover of miniskirts and combined them in the most fashionable way with everything.

At times, she paired her signature black mini skirt with knee-high boots. At other times, she would dress in plaid with her favorite dress and knee socks. Today’s miniskirt fashion is definitely inspired by fashionista Rachel Green.

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